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  1. To solve exceptional calamity situations in forests in a more conceptual way - amendment to the Forest Act
  2. How to manage our forests at the time of climate change
  3. To promote consolidation of forest areas
  4. To create conditions for co-operation and common management of small foress - to change a forest law
  5. Payment for forest ecosystem services
  6. To participate in the process of preparation of RDP 2020+rules
  7. To change a game law
  8. To follow Natura 2000 process and help SVOL members solve problems,  participate in amendments to the Nature Conservation Act
  9. To change a regulation about compensations for restricting  land's property rights in favour of environment protection
  10. To support enhancement of forest management level and promote the forest certification by the scheme PEFC verifying that forest is managed by the way of friendly to the nature
  11. To promote activities and measures in order to enhance the consumption of wood as a renewable raw material
  12. To promote sustainable forest management and emphasize social and economic contribution of communal and private forest properties to a stability and rural development
  13. To expand a common wood sale system